Vanguard TRADITIONS T-Shirt

Vanguard TRADITIONS T-Shirt


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Great Fit: Fits True to size, great fit and feel - Wash with cold water, inside out.

Vanguard custom t-shirts are engineered for stretch, strength and ultimate comfort. We’ve specified a tubular torso to remove any pesky seams and offer you a tailored, slimming silhouette. Our uniquely created, proprietary Bi-blend yarns are woven from 100% cotton and polyester fibers to create a highly specialized, incredibly durable and remarkably soft finished textile which actually works to wick perspiration away from your body during a workout. The bi-blend fabric is further tempered through a rigorous dyeing process which softens and lightens the finished garment, providing the luxurious soft touch you have come to expect from our Bi-blend range. This is the perfect tee for anyone with an active lifestyle and passion for the outdoors. 

– This garment has been tempered and preshrunk during our dyeing process to ensure that it is washer and dryer friendly. 
– Our 30 Singles super soft ring-spun Bi-blend fabric is a blend of 52% Cotton: 48% Polyester. 
– This tubular torso ensures a snug, appealing and Unisex fit for men and women. 
– Our shoulder to shoulder tape helps to protect your garment and allows it to maintain its tailored shape. 

Color Black Black
Illuminated Reticle No No
Series Accessory Accessory