What Bowhunters Don’t Realize About Spotting Scopes

What Bowhunters Don’t Realize About Spotting Scopes

August 05, 2016

By Dave Thomas of BowHunterPlanet.com

Michigander Dave Thomas has been bowhunting since he was a young boy. He enjoyed it so much, he convinced his hunting buddies to join him in creating BowHuntingPlanet.com in 2009. Quickly, the site took its spot as a leader in the hunting industry with news, gear reviews and hunting shows, stories and related content. Since its launch, the site has grown to more than 300,000 members from multiple countries. There, its community of bowhunters swaps hunting stories and tips. Optics are a popular topic in gear-related conversations among members.


The case for spotting scopes in bowhunting

“Most bowhunters are well researched about the binoculars they use out in the field,” Dave said. “Many seasoned bowhunters are quick to recommend using spotting scopes, as well. People are so used to just using their binoculars that they head out to hunt in the western states and areas with mountains, large hills and valleys without a spotting scope. But having a good spotting scope makes locating game in environments like that way easier. Without a scope, you may not be as accurate in finding game and scoring them from a fixed position far away. Since big game relies heavily on their noses to detect predators, you – and your scent – being a substantial distance away gives you an advantage. Using the spotting scope will help you more accurately determine if you should be pursuing that game or not. There is nothing worse than thinking a buck is bigger than it really is.  Making a move toward an animal that you are not going to hunt, puts you at a disadvantage and wastes time and effort.”

Endeavor HD 82A (5)

Thomas said he thinks there is misinformation among hunters about spotting scope quality and pricing.

“Some people think that spotting scopes are either poor quality with cheap pricing or premium quality with huge price tags, way out of their budgets,” Dave said. “But today, you can get premium glass optics with great durability at really affordable prices.  Don’t let the big names in the optics industry fool you that they are better than the more up-and-coming brands. The fact is that the game is different today and that’s a great thing for all hunters.”

What bowhunters should look for in a spotting scope

Bowhunters, Dave pointed out, do a substantial amount of walking and moving in extreme weather and environments. That means a poor-quality scope will do them no good.

“In addition to exceptional clarity, the scope has to be rugged and durable to be able to handle that kind of rough use,” Dave said. “I always advise people to have a really clear and super durable spotting scope to use at the range or when hunting in any area with valleys, tall hills or mountains. Today, you can get reliable performance and awesome glass quality at affordable prices.”

Thomas and the BowHunterPlanet.com staff have been using Vanguard optics since 2010.


“We put optics to the ultimate clarity test on our hunts in the most extreme environments,” Dave said. “We use Vanguard optics out west in mountainous areas and open plains, northern Canada, flat lands in the Midwest and the salt-rich Florida Keys. The Vanguard optics never fail on these adventures. That’s why they’re always my top recommendation.”

Dave, who hunts most often on 20-100-acre parcels in the Midwest, relies on several Vanguard optics models, including Endeavor ED II binoculars with premium HOYA© ED glass

Are you ready for fall hunts?

Dave is among tens of thousands of hunters and outdoor buffs, worldwide, who’ve embraced Vanguard optics as their go-to gear. Vanguard spotting scopes and binoculars have earned multiple awards from respected outdoor magazines and websites.

Vanguard is celebrating this success and 30 years in business this year with mail-in rebate promotions on these bestselling products, valid now through September 30, 2016:

  • Take up to $80 off ENDEAVOR ED, ENDEAVOR ED II, and SPIRIT XF binoculars
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Hunters, when do you find spotting scopes to be important to your hunt? When are binoculars enough for the job? Let us know in the comments.

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