Scott Smith

Scott Smith

October 02, 2023

From Scott:

"I was introduced to the great outdoors at a very early age and to archery at age 11. Through the years, it was an on-and-off-type thing for me, mostly stump shooting and shooting my homemade targets. At age 19 I decided I was going to get serious. I purchased my first compound bow and arrows and started to practice. I shot my first whitetail deer that year, and archery became an obsession.

Over the next 10 years, I was at a tournament or hunting just about every weekend. I won the Texas Games 3 years in a row, I won the Texas state championship, and I won or placed in numerous state and local tournaments -- but something was still missing. As a young boy, I was looking through my dad's outdoor magazines and saw Fred Bear hunting in Africa with a bow, and I told my dad that I would bow hunt Africa one day.

Fast forward several years and I found myself at 1998 ATA show working for Dyess and Associates selling archery equipment. At that show, my lifelong hunting dream began to take shape: I won a bowhunting trip to South Africa. Since then, I have been back to Africa 11 times.

During my time in archery -- in addition to shooting tournaments -- I was quickly becoming proficient at building arrows, cables, and strings. My hunting career really took off during this time, and to date I have taken 26 African animals including a lioness and cape buffalo, as well as 88 whitetail, 9 axis, several Rio Grande turkeys, numerous wild pigs, and the list goes on. I also dabbled in bow fishing for a few years.

I was on the BowTech pro staff  pre-COVID (11 years) and the Cabela's elite retail team (a program with Cabela'ss and BowTech) to promote Diamond Archery and BowTech’s line of crossbows.

The only social media platform I frequent is Facebook. I am usually pretty busy promoting hunting and spreading my knowledge of the equipment I use and the reason for it either face-to-face or in a retail environment.

My current setup for hunting: Vanguard Endeavor binos, Vanguard Vesta 350A spotting scope, BowTech Realm SR 6, and Grizzlystik Momentum TDT arrows."