ALTA PH-123V Magnesium Alloy Video Pan Head

ALTA PH-123V Magnesium Alloy Video Pan Head

Item: ALTA PH-123V

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The Vanguard ALTA PH-123V is constructed of state-of-the-art materials and utilizes some of the most advanced production processes in order to provide the most versatile and utilitarian product to help raise the level of your work above the competition. It features an unwaveringly secure locking system that keeps your gear in place in all angle positions and also offers ultra-smooth motion for your pursuit of perfect videography results. Constructed of magnesium alloy, the 2-way fluid video pan head safely supports up to 17.6 lbs / 8kg. The ALTA PH-123V features a spring-loaded counterbalance system and a fine-tuning front to back adjustment for ideal balance and center of gravity positioning for your camera. A counterbalance switch engages the system, and a large quick-shoe safety release button allows quick and secure removal of the camera. The ALTA PH-123V is capable of tilting between +60° and -90° and provides 360° of swivel. The dual-size position long handle ensures you’ve got the great leverage and control while the bubble level will make your panoramic shooting sessions as easy and effortlessly as possible.

  • Never waver – Adjustable gravity center to adjust camera position on head and Spring-loaded counterbalance switch to ease drag tension
  • Versatile – Dual-size handle position for both right and left handed users (ambidextrous) as well as dedicated connectors for add-ons
  • Control– Long Handle guarantees full & smooth leverage and control of your gear in your hand
  • Robust/Strong  – Magnesium alloy construction for lightweight and long-lasting performances
  • Precise – Bubble level for precise panoramic photo and videography
  • Compact – Easy to transport anywhere and lightweight
  • Optimum Load Performance – 13.2 pound safety payload for multi-gear options
  • Smooth – Fluid mechanism with silk-like motion
  • Safe – Built-in safety pin, Secure Release System, Long Plate with laser engraved marking to optimize weight distribution
  • Pan Head Base –  58mm with 3/8 to ¼ reducer bushing

The Vanguard ALTA PH-123V magnesium alloy video head is a fluid video head that includes a spring-loaded counterbalance system and a fine-tuning front to back adjustment system, which provides the ultimate in optimal balance and makes sure your camera is set in the center of gravity.

The counterbalance switch engages the system, and the adjustable drag tension provides an incredibly smooth pan and tilt experience and functions even with a long lens. The ALTA PH-123V guarantees fluid tilting movements between +60° and -90° and provides a full-range smooth 360° swivel.

This solid, flat 60mm base & closed-type construction head is designed to safely support up to 17.6 pounds and weighs in at less than 28 ounces, combining your performances with versatility and precision.

The flat base mount allows you to connect a variety of support systems; from sliders to tripods and monopods among others.
Its long ergonomic and anti-slip handle offers precise movements, the leverage you need and better control over heavy cameras. The handle is ambidextrous and can be set in both left and right handed positions.

The large quick-shoe safety release button allows quick and secure removal of the camera. The head is delivered with the QS-67 fitted with 1/4"-20, 3/8"-16 attachment interface and a video pin. The QS is 90mm in length.

For use with other add-ons thanks to Alta Link 3/8” connectors, the ALTA PH-123V is also fitted with a bright bullseye bubble level for perfect leveling position.
The Vanguard ALTA PH-123V is great for photographers and videographers who are meticulous and demand stable shots and motion control while creating content.

Color Grey Grey
Extended Warranty 10 Years 10 Years
Load capacity 8.8 4
Material Magnesium Alloy Magnesium Alloy
Panoramic Rotation Yes Yes
Pan Lock Yes Yes
Quick Release Yes Yes
Quick Shoe QS-67 QS-67
Series Alta Heads Alta Heads
Tilt Range +60° to -90° +60° to -90°
Type of Head Arca-Swiss Compatible Arca-Swiss Compatible
Warranty Applicable By National Law Applicable By National Law
Weight 2.5300 2.5300