VEO 2 BH-50WM Window Mount, Ball Head, Arca-Compatible Quick Shoe

VEO 2 BH-50WM Window Mount, Ball Head, Arca-Compatible Quick Shoe

Item: VEO2BH-50WM

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The Arca-Swiss-compatible VEO 2 BH-50WM Window Mount is designed for both outdoorsmen and photographers to use from the comfort of their car. The ball head is ideal for using a spotting scope to observe your surroundings, as well as photography and videography with your mirrorless/DSLR camera.

  • Ball head with a removable telescopic pan handle for maximum versatility (spotting scopes, photography, or video)
  • Long Arca-Swiss-compatible (QS-61P) quick-release plate for use with spotting scopes/camcorders
  • Spotting scopes with Arca-Swiss-compatible bases (such as the Endeavor HD) can be used without the need for a quick shoe for maximum stability
  • Maximum load capacity of 11 pounds. Weighs 1.4 pounds
  • Clamp base opens to 1.25". Includes a large surface area with textured rubber face for solid grip
  • Ergonomic locking knobs for ease of use, even in cold, wet conditions with gloves
  • Separate pan lock with 360-degree markings, enabling more technical panoramas
  • Suitable for landscape/portrait photography

Capture the moment from the comfort of your car with the VEO 2 BH-50WM Window Mount, which easily attaches to vehicle windows. Alternatively, this window mount can be attached to fences, tree branches, and many more options, enabling a steady platform for spotting scopes, cameras, or camcorders.

The base of this window mount has a clamp that opens up to 1.25", with a large surface area and a non-slip rubber face to offer maximum grip on any surface. This is backed up by a solid thread and an ergonomic locking knob that makes it easy to tighten/release, even in cold and wet conditions.

This window mount comes with an Arca-Swiss-compatible VEO 2 BP-50 Ball/Pan Head as standard, offering maximum versatility for photography or nature viewing with a spotting scope. This unique head is a ball head that comes with a removable telescopic panhandle, making it ideal for photographers or outdoor enthusiasts. For example, the panhandle can be attached when using a spotting scope or taking video with a mirrorless/DSLR camera, but is easily removed for more traditional photography or viewing. The telescopic pan handle then helps locate and follow the subject, and the friction control can be used to fine-tune the degree of movement -- for example, adding friction to allow more delicate movements.

With a maximum load capacity of 11 pounds, this window mount can be used with almost any spotting scope or camera kit. The long Arca-Swiss-compatible QS-61P (included) is designed to allow you to easily secure a spotting scope or camcorder to the window mount, but it can also be used for a mirrorless/DSLR camera.

For photography, this is a high-quality, feature-packed head that includes a friction control and separate pan lock that allows for the most technical of shots in landscape or portrait. The ergonomic locking knobs are designed to be easy to use in any conditions, even while wearing gloves. The head can also be removed and used with any tripod/monopod with a standard 1/4" or 3/8" thread.

With the new VEO 2 window mounts by Vanguard, you can cover miles of country without missing any of the details.

Bubble Level(s) 1 1
Color Dark Gray Dark Gray
Item Weight 1.4 lbs. 0.64 kg
Lateral Tilt -91° ~ 40° -91° ~ 40°
Material Aluminum VEO 2 BP-50
Max Load Weight Capacity 11 lbs. 4.99 kg
Quick Shoe QS-61P QS-61P
Swivel Degrees 360 360