VEO 2X 235ABP Aluminum Travel Tripod - Rated at 13.2lbs

VEO 2X 235ABP Aluminum Travel Tripod - Rated at 13.2lbs

Item: VEO2X235ABP

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VEO 2X 235ABP 4-in-1 Lightweight Compact Travel Kit that offers maximum versatility as it transforms from Tripod to Monopod, with Ball head or Pan Handle!


  • Compact 23mm, 5-section aluminum travel tripod folds down to just 40cm/15.8”, extends to 145cm/1” and weighs just 1.53kg/3.38lbs
  • Patented Magnesium Rotating Center Column for compact travel mobility and easy setup
  • Low angle/ macro shooting with reversable center column, or included Low Angle Adaptor
  • 3-easy set leg angles (21°, 50°, 80°) for maximum stability in any position
  • Easy to open and clean twist leg locks with clear “click” notification when locking mechanism is released
  • Rubber or Anti-Rust Stainless-Steel Spiked Feet for ultimate stability on any terrain


  • One leg transforms into a monopod in seconds
  • Folds down to 43cm/17” and extends to a maximum of 151cm/59.5” with the use of the center column
  • Center column can also be used as added handheld stability for vlogging on the go

Ball/Pan Head:

  • VEO 2 BP-50 Ball/Pan Head with a maximum pay load of up to 6kg/13.2lbs
  • Incudes a removable telescopic pan handle to transition into an action-following pan head for video shooting or spotting scope use
  • Comes with extra-long Arca Swiss compatible quick release plate (QS-71)
  • Robust ergonomic adjustment knobs for ease of use, even in cold and damp conditions

Kit Includes:

  • Low Angle Adaptor, 2 Allen Wrenches, 3/8'' Screw Adaptor, Spiked Feet and Carrying Bag

The VEO 2X 235ABP 4-in-1 Lightweight Compact Travel Kit transforms from Tripod to Monopod, with Ball-Head or Pan Handle! This makes it the most versatile solution for travelers carrying a DSLR, a Mirrorless camera kit, a handheld camcorder or a spotting scope with a pay load of up to 6kg/13.2lbs.

Designed for maximum portability this 5-section aluminum tripod features Vanguard’s patented Rotating Center Column for setup in seconds and despite folding down to just 40cm/15.8”, it can be rapidly extended to a maximum working height of 145cm/57.1”, all this weighing in at just 1.53kg/3.38lbs.

VEO 2X is not just light, compact and portable. We know that on the go it is important to be able to adapt and react fast to changing circumstances to capture that perfect scene.  To do this the VEO 2X comes with an incredibly versatile set of extra features dedicated to support any eventuality:

  • VEO 2X is a versatile photographer’s travel tripod that offers a stable platform for a mirrorless or DSLR camera, with an Arca Swiss compatible Ball head that offers the ability to shoot everything from macro to landscape photographs using the adjustable leg height, the reversable center column, the included low angle adaptor (LAA) and the three easy set leg angles (21°, 50° and 80°). This versatility will support outstanding creativity in landscape, cityscape, portrait, long exposure and macro photography.
  • VEO 2X is a dynamic video travel tripod that can flip into action-following panning in seconds by utilizing the unique Ball/Pan Head, with optional telescopic Pan Handle (that folds out of the way and is also is easily removable). Just tighten the friction of the ball head, set the pan handle at your ideal length and start shooing smooth motion video content with your camera.
  • VEO 2X is an outdoor sporting optic travel tripod that supports a compact spotting scope or binoculars while in the field, tracking moving objects. Using the innovative panning capability of the Ball/Pan Head, and the extra-long Arca Swiss compatible quick release plate (QS-71) it is ideal to connect a spotting scope (binoculars will need the BA-185 adaptor, which can be purchased separately).
  • VEO 2X is a standalone monopod with choice of ball/pan head, when lighter and more flexible mobility is called for. Transform into the monopod mode in seconds by simply unscrewing the individual monopod leg, attaching to the center column (or remove the head if the extra height is not needed). The Monopod folds down to 43cm/17” and can reach a maximum extended height of 151cm/59.5” (with the center column extension).
  • VEO 2X is a stabilizing Vlogging stick as the patented center column is an easily removable component, that can morph into a handheld camera stabilizer when the self-documentation scenario calls for dynamic video footage on the go.

VEO 2X tripod design and construction pays attention to every small detail that optimizes the working experience. The tripod legs feature “Open To Click” twist locks where a clear “click” notifies you when the locking mechanism is released to allow you to extend or retract the tripod legs. For maintenance, the locks can be fully unscrewed, allowing you to clean the mechanism for maximum longevity. And last but not least one can switch between Rubber Feet and Anti-Rust Stainless-Steel Spiked Feet for ultimate stability on any terrain and surface.

Before booking your next trip checkout the full VEO 2X range to find your perfect travel companion!

Bonus Included Low angle adaptor, Spiked Feet, Tripod Bag, Allen Wrenches Low angle adaptor, Spiked Feet, Tripod Bag, Allen Wrenches
Bubble Level 1 1
Extended Height Center Column Down (inches) 47.5 47.5
Extended Height (inches) 57.1 57.1
Folded Height (inches) 15.8 15.8
Head Ball Head with Pan Handle Ball Head with Pan Handle
Head Model Number VEO 2 BP-50 VEO 2 BP-50
Item Weight (pounds) 3.38 3.38
Lateral Tilt (90°) -91°~40° -91°~40°
Leg Diameter (mm) 23 23
Leg Lock Quick twist Quick twist
Macro Height (inches) 7.0 7.0
Material Aluminum Aluminum
Max. Load Weight (pounds) 13.2 13.2
Number of Sections 5 5
Quick Shoe QS-71 QS-71
Swivel 360° 360°